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Setting goals shouldn't be done alone. Set your personal weekly goals and habits in sight of your group of peers. Check them off as you accomplish them, and achieve personal and group streaks.

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Your Personal Goals, With Motivation

Health / Fitness

Teaming up with others around your fitness or health goals is a great idea.


Taking small steps every day towards where you want to be in 5 years is the only way to get there.


Having goals around your education and learning are important.


Being aware of your thought patterns and keeping track of them can help you.

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Set up personal goals and choose how often you want to do them in a week.

3 Invite Your Friends

Invite your circle to add their own goals and keep each other accountable.

4 Weekly Streaks

Going on a streak of doing your goal each week is a fun way to stay motivated.

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Doing things by yourself is the hard way. Choose the easy way and try out Stryv. Your friends will thank you later.

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