Jesse Sutherland

Hi, my name is Jesse

I have been an entrepreneur and maker my whole life. It started as a kid selling hand-made greeting cards to my family. In Junior High I bought Star Wars cards in bulk and re-sold them to my friends. Then I learned how to make websites, and it's been pretty much a long chain of making ever since then.

I worked at a wonderful ad agency in Minneapolis for a long time and enjoyed the people and work there. I learned a lot. But after my first daughter was born I needed some more flexibility in my schedule and started freelancing full time doing web design and development. Gradually I've started making more complex web applications for my clients.

I always have a million ideas. At times I forget to finish the last idea because I get so excited about the new one. I rarely give up on an idea and always circle back as new inspiration hits.

Stryv is an idea I had while working with my mastermind group to keep each other accountable on goals we had set for each other. I hope you like the platform and I would be happy to answer your questions and get your feedback.

Thanks for supporting me and makers everywhere,
Jesse Sutherland